Today 16th of Jan 2019

Sunny: High pressure conditions.

The weather

Sunny weather with only few clouds. Maximum temperatures from -1° to +9°.

Mountain weather

Sunny weather with only few high clouds well above the peaks. Milder temperatures.

Tomorrow 17th of Jan 2019

Clouds, partly sunny: Humid air reaches the Alps from the South.

The weather

Very cloudy in some valleys with first rain drops or snow flakes during the day. Probably quite sunny conditions towards the west. Light precipitation during the following night, snow level around 800 m. Maximum temperatures between 0° and 6°.

Mountain weather

Reduced visibility due to fog on some mountains, best chances of sun on the highest mountains or in the west. During the day first snowflakes, in the night widespread light snowfall.

The next days

friday 18
Partly cloudy
max: 9°
min: -7°
saturday 19
Very cloudy
max: 4°
min: -10°
sunday 20
Very cloudy
max: 6°
min: -12°
monday 21
max: 6°
min: -10°


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